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2024 - 2025 Challenges

2024 - 2025 Challenges

10,000 Makes Challenge (Summer 2024)

Summer is here and we'd like to introduce the Junior Chargers "10,000 Makes Challenge" for 2024.    

Challenge Goal
The goal of the "10k Makes Challenge" is to develop great shooters who can make shots in games.  Over the years, our participation in the challenge has grown, which is awesome.  With the participation growth, we feel there is an opportunity to provide more direction in order to better meet the goal.  

Challenge Updates
The following are a few highlights of the changes to help you understand the direction we are moving towards in order to help develop great shooters.  Our club has invested, and will continue to do so, in this challenge and we believe these changes will put the club in a position to see a better return on our investment and create better shooters as a result.

To complete the challenge, participating girls must make a predefined amount of layups, midrange jump shots, free throws and 3 point shots (6th-8th grade).

6th - 8th grade will also be asked to track misses on free throws and 3 point attempts in order to calculate shooting percentages.  These shots are very important to Coach Busalacchi and the program wants to highlight where shooters are excelling as well as opportunities for improvement.

In the past, the girls were credited "makes" for games played (AAU & Summer League games) and camps attended.  This will no longer be part of the program.  We want the girls to focus solely on becoming a better shooter when practicing the shots outlined in the challenge.  Note: Playing games and attending camps are still very valuable and highly encouraged!

The "10,000 Makes Challenge" will be completed once a participating girl makes the requisite amount of each type of shot to get to exactly 10,000 makes.  There is no need to track over 10,000 makes and only the predefined 10,000 makes will be acknowledged.

Participating girls should track their shot progress for each month in the below shot chart.  There are 2 monthly trackers below.  One for 3th-5th grade and a separate one for 6th-8th grade.  Please make sure your daughter uses the appropriate one.

10k Makes Challenge Prize
- All girls who complete the challenge will receive a T-Shirt and choice of Zip Up or Travel Pants.
- The Girl's Varsity team will host a recognition session during a practice in November 2024.

Please use this link to register your daughter if she is committed to accepting the "10,000 Makes Challenge".


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